6 Excellent Sources Of Vegetarian Food With High Protein

Vegetarian Food With High Protein

The people who live on a vegetarian diet have major concerns about the amount of protein they intake. Many experts or nutritionists accept the fact that if you eat a planned and managed vegetarian diet, you will get all the essential amino acids and a good amount of protein. So, here are six sources of vegetarian food with high protein.

Vegetarian Food With High Protein For Good Health
Vegetarian Food With High Protein For Good Health

Seitan – The Best Vegetarian Food With High Protein

Seitan is the most popular and healthy vegetarian food with high protein. The seitan is made from gluten and the major content of the protein is wheat. When it is cooked, it has the texture and looks of meat. It is also termed as wheat meat or wheat gluten. The total protein content is about 25 grams per 100 grams. Therefore, this makes it the richest protein source that you should take in your daily diet.

Soybeans Are The Second Vegetarian Food With High Protein

Edamame, tofu, and the tempeh all are obtained from soybeans. All three contain 10 to 20 grams of the protein per 100 grams. It is the whole protein source. Soybeans have all the 20 essential amino acids that are a must to keep your body healthy. The edamame and immature soybeans have a sweet and grassy taste. The tofu and the tempeh are used in many recipes likes in the burger and the soup. 

The Lentils Are An Excellent Vegetarian Food With High Protein

The lentils are also protein-rich. A cooked cup of 240ml of lentils contains 17 grams of protein. They are a nutritional powerhouse. They are available in plenty in many dishes like salads, spicy dahls, hearty soups, etc. It contains digested carbs and also 50 percent of the essential fiber intake. 

What To Include In Vegetarian Food With High Protein
What To Include In Vegetarian Food With High Protein


The pinto, kidney, and many other types of beans contain a high amount of protein. They are health-supporting and full of protein legumes. The 14 ml of the cooked cup of beans contains 16 grams of the protein. The diet that is rich in beans reduces the cholesterol levels and controls the blood pressure and blood sugar levels. 

Other Two Major Vegetarian Foods With High Protein

The spirulina and the nutritional yeast is the other major vegetarian food with high protein. The spirulina is the blue-green algae and contains 9 grams of the protein in the two tablespoons. The natural pigment in the spirulina is phycocyanin and it has powerful antioxidant, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to stronger the immune system, reduces cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels.

The deactivated strain of the Saccharomyces yeast is the Nutritional yeast. It is easily available in the market as yellow powder and flakes. The flavor of the nutritional yeast is cheesy. So, it is the main ingredient in many dishes such as scrambled tofu, mashed potatoes, etc. It is also sprinkled in pasta dishes and served as a topping in the popcorn. 


Protein is the major content in the food that is responsible for the maintenance of the body. It is also the major concern for vegetarians and vegans.

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