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6 Popular Vegetarian Restaurants In New York

6 Popular Vegetarian Restaurants In New York

New York has literally everything arranged for you. So if you are visiting the city for a reason or two, and if you are a vegan, the first thing you would search for is affordable vegan restaurants in the city. Since New York is a popular city where people from around the globe come to visit, it does comes with some affordable vegetarian restaurants. Today will tell you 6 best places to eat if you are a vegan.

6 Popular Vegetarian Restaurants In New York
6 Popular Vegetarian Restaurants In New York

1- Superiority Burger, East Village, NYC

Superiority Burger comes at number one in our list. Popular for its affordable price and yummy and tasty burgers. When you are a vegetarian, you can order a veg burger at a reasonable price. Chef Brooks Headley is always serving the customers with healthy and tasty burgers day and night. You can pick a squat patty brimming with quinoa, chickpeas, and walnuts, crowned with muenster cheese, lettuce, tomato, and pickles, or whatever you want.

2-Vegetarian Dim Sum House, Chinatown, New York

Vegetarian Dim Sum House offers sweet tea and nice vegan snacks. The crispy wontons, sweet and salty dumplings, and lotus-wrapped sticky rice are also preferable. So, if you are in New York and you want some vegetarian foods, you can go down the Chinatown alley to find the restaurant. Here is a tip: the restaurant accepts cash only.

3-Bunna Cafe, Brooklyn, New York

Bunna Cafe is absolutely vegan and it is an Ethiopian restaurant where you can find various vegan recipes. The spicy red lentils, mashed yellow split peas, sautéed beets injera are some favorite dinner meals. Moreover, this place often time hosts Ethiopian coffee ceremonies. Buna is the Amharic word for coffee; therefore, a mug of coffee is a must!

4-The Butcher’s Daughter, New York

The name of the restaurant is as hot as the foods they produce. They offer an extensive menu of healthy and delicious vegan recipes every day. The smashed-avocado toast, a deli-style Reuben sandwich, walnut pesto linguine are most favorite. Moreover, you can order a smooth coffee for your wellness.

5-Govinda’s, Brooklyn, New York

It is an Indian restaurant where you can find various Indian vegan meals. People who work in Brooklyn, often visit the place to eat stomachful healthy and tasty lunch. They dress in their traditional saffron robes and serve you spinach dal, black-eyed peas, samosas, potato, and cauliflower stew (popular Indian dishes). Moreover, cheesecake is the most favorite.

6-Champs Diner, New York

This restaurant serves vegan plus nonvegan foods. Though the vegan menu contains various meals, does not mean they are all healthy. Besides, pancakes with swirls of cinnamon icing, cookie dough is tasty but not that healthy (sorry). Nachos with cheese avocado cream and jalapeños are the most popular ones. Moreover, crispy mozzarella sticks are also one of a kind. Overall, a perfect place for hangover foods.

6 Popular Vegetarian Restaurants In New York
6 Popular Vegetarian Restaurants In New York

If you too can name some vegetarian restaurants in New York, where you eat mostly, please tell us in the comment box below.

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