8 Fast Food Vegetarian Options You Had To Find Healthy And Yummy

fast food vegetarian options

Vegans always find it hard to select from a menu when it comes to fast food. But, there are lots of healthy fast food vegetarian options around you that are often considered unhealthy. French fries and burgers are on our list, and no, they aren’t unhealthy because the fast food industry has changed.

Now, the burger and pizza are not only about taste; it’s equally about health with no meats and eggs. So, check out these fast food options that you can order at any eatery and enjoy guilt-free.

Fast Food Vegetarians Options That You Should Not Miss

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Yogurt Parfait

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This one is not fast food, but McDonald’s has included it in their menu, so it’s available for vegans with a twist of fruits. It also has blueberries, granola, and lots of fruits. And most importantly, the yogurt is low-fat, so it has to be healthy and satisfied as well.

Baked Potato

Potato means carbs, but they are important for our body. But we always pick the wrong options for french fries. Instead, pick baked potato with chives and cream that is not high in calories plus nutritional as well.

If the potato is your option, then go for sweet potato fries because they are healthier and tastier than white potatoes.

Burger King

Burger has patties made with chicken or beef, but now Burger King has added a new healthy and veg fast food option in their menu. It got salad as a side dish with some fries to make you more satisfied.

Don’t worry about the taste; this plant-based fast-food vegetarian option is topped with veggies, pickles, and soy. So, it tastes a lot better than classic beef burgers.


Salad is now a fast-food option since Chick-fil-A has been included in its list. It made this vegan superfood a classic fast food with lots of cheddar cheese, peppers, corn, black beans, and chilies.

You can have this with a tortilla and top with dressings. Another option is Panera Modern’s Greek salad. Unlike classic salad, it has a touch of protein and fiber as quinoa goes into it.

Grilled Cheese

A Cheese Sandwich is one of the popular fast-food vegetarian options. It tastes well with fries and apple juice. So, order a cheese sandwich next time you go out to enjoy snacks.


Many restaurants serve spaghetti with no egg and fish sauce. You can ask them to make it purely veggie. Plus, it’s healthy and light, so you don’t have to work harder in the gym.


Vegans can opt for pizza with no chicken, simply cheese, jalapeno, peppers, and olives. But eat less like pizza with cheese is heavy on your tummy.


Another great fast food option for vegetarians is a taco, which you can customize at eateries. Ask for rice, black beans, and burrito tacos with lots of spice and cheese on the top.

No matter whether you are vegan or non-vegetarian, the fast-food industry has a lot to please your taste buds. All you have to do is look for healthy substitutes.

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