A Look At Different Vegetarian Diets

What Are Diets Of Various Types of Vegetarians

People believe that all types of vegetarians have the same diet. Vegetarians can eat every food, but it is just that they choose not to eat some particular things. They have their reasons to choose the dietary lifestyle. If you are wondering about which types of vegetarians’ group you fall in, you have to think about what kind of vegetarian food you eat.

There is no rule that you will be in these vegetarian categories. These are just standard categories. Just understanding these will give you an idea where you stand among these categories.

What Are Diets Of Various Types of Vegetarians
What Are Diets Of Various Types of Vegetarians

1. Semi-Vegetarian

For loving vegetarian food, you don’t have to be a vegetarian. The term “Semi-vegetarian” is coined for those who mostly have vegetarian food but also eat meat occasionally. Many of these semi-vegetarians have given up their red meat intake for environmental reasons and some for health reasons. If they eat non-vegetarian food, then they go for only organic animal products and animals. A flexitarian or semi-vegetarian is not complete vegetarians.

2. Pescatarian

People who stay away from eating any animal flesh except eating fish are known as a pescatarian. More people are choosing this diet type, mostly for health-related issues. Some of them are adopting it to take themselves one step closer towards becoming entirely vegetarian.

What Are Diets Of Various Types of Vegetarians
What Are Diets Of Various Types of Vegetarians

3. Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian

The lacto-ovo-vegetarians don’t eat poultry, pork, beef, fish, any types of shellfish, and any animal flesh. But they eat all the dairy products and eggs. Lacto in Latin means milk, whereas ‘ovo’ means egg. Most common types of vegetarians are lacto-ovo-vegetarians.

You can also choose to eat one of these foods or both. A vegetarian who eats dairy products but doesn’t eat eggs is a lacto-vegetarian. An ovo-vegetarian eats eggs but completely avoids dairy products.

4. Vegan

The vegans avoid entirely eating any animal products, including animal meat, eggs, processed meats, and dairy products. These people even don’t eat any ingredients that are driven by animals like gelatine.

Some vegans don’t drink wine that contains some fining agents, like the gelatine, milk protein, and egg whites. During the processing of the wine, these ingredients are used. Regarding honey, there is a huge doubt whether it’s a vegan diet or not.

What Are Diets Of Various Types of Vegetarians
What Are Diets Of Various Types of Vegetarians

5. Raw Vegan

The raw vegan foods are consists of mostly unprocessed vegetables which are not cooked over 115°F or 46°C. A raw foodist is that person who follows only a raw vegan diet. They believe that cooking food above the temperature makes the food lose its nutrition in an insignificant amount. Along with that, the food becomes harmful for the boy.

6. Macrobiotic

Some of the vegetarians love to follow the macrobiotic diet. The reason is the healthy, healing qualities. Among this diet falls all unprocessed vegan foods – like fruits, vegetables, whole grains. Occasionally they also consume fish. The macrobiotic vegan food eaters avoid any refined oils and sugar. The followers of this diet, emphasis on consuming more Asian vegetables. Vegetables like sea vegetables, daikon radish, wakame, and various types of seaweeds have a special place.

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