A Vegetarian General Motors Diet – What You Can Eat While Driving The Car

vegetarian general motors diet

The Vegetarian General Motors Diet is not your run-of-the-mill vegetarian diet. It’s a lifestyle, much more than a diet. It will help you live a longer and better life, as well as help you avoid many of the deadly diseases associated with eating too much red meat or processed meat. And it’s certainly worth considering if you are an aspiring vegetarian.

Vegetarian General Motors Diet Is Not The Same As Vegetarianism

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The Vegetarian General Motors Diet is not the same as vegetarianism in the strictest sense. As a person who eats vegetarian, I choose to exclude certain animal products from my diet. I don’t eat eggs, fish, cheese, hamburgers, hot dogs, pigs, chickens, steak, veal, poultry, orchids, shrimps, sturgeon, shellfish, tuna, and mackerel. If I was to eat all of these, I would almost certainly die within a matter of days, weeks, or months. And that’s not even considering all the side effects that consuming meat can cause.

The Vegetarian General Motors Diet is more of a lifestyle. I say this because there are still people who think eating less red meat is just not possible. I don’t believe that to be true. I also don’t believe that by limiting yourself to only red meat or just leaner cuts of meat will drastically alter your health or that your health will improve in any significant way. I do believe that a healthier lifestyle will lead to a longer life.

Favorite Places Where You Can Eat Vegetarian

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One thing I love about being a vegetarian is that I can travel more. The airlines have started to offer more vegetarian choices on their menu, and when I eat vegetarian I don’t feel guilty about eating beef. This allows me to take my passion for good food to new destinations.

Some of my favorite places to eat vegetarian are restaurants that specialize in Chinese, Indian, Mexican dishes. If you are a vegetarian and you love Chinese food then I highly recommend going out to one of these restaurants. Not only are they wonderful but you can find vegetarian foods that aren’t common anywhere else. For example, tofu has always been a staple of Chinese cuisine. Now I can get tofu that doesn’t taste like fish!

Easiest Way To Prepare Steaks Is To Saute Them In Olive Oil

My favorite meals are hearty vegetarian meals that have a nice variety of different flavors. Steak is my weakness, so this is where I usually find myself. The easiest way to prepare steaks is to saute them in olive oil. When you do this, the oil enhances the flavor of the steak. Sometimes I even add soy sauce and sesame oil to give them a wonderful sweet and sour flavor. These are some of my favorite meals from the Vegetarian General Motors Diet.

It can be tough trying to eat healthy while driving. There are times when it will be impossible not to eat because of the snacks available to us. Having a veggie friendly car allows me to still enjoy my food without it coming up through my esophagus and causing me to choke.

Summing Up

I would recommend that you become a vegetarian if you are planning on buying a GM vehicle. Most people aren’t ready to make the change just yet, but I promise you it will become easier as time goes by. I think it will be easier for me to make the leap if I buy a vegetarian vehicle. I will most likely wait until I get used to eating a vegetarian diet myself before I go out and purchase a new car. It may be silly to look at things this way, but as I grow older I figure that I am more able to drive a car that won’t kill me while I’m riding!

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