10 Benefits Of Being Vegetarian

being vegetarian

Veganism initially crept into the society as a fashion fad but has now taken permanent roots as more and more people understood the benefits of turning vegan. The list of benefits when compared with the sacrifices made, definitely weigh more. People have started realizing that slowly the cravings for meat die as you discover how healthier and happier you are. Here are some benefits of being vegetarian.

benefits of being vegetarian
Benefits of Being Vegetarian

Some Important Statistics

The people of 21st century or the millenials are more exposed to social media, television and other forms of advertisement and the power and impact of a vegan diet has finally sunk in. The list is just increasing with unbelievable 350 percent increase in the past decade in Britain. America has a whopping 16 million people who have adopted veganism. One might argue that people turn to a vegan diet out of health issues but according to the survey, around 42% of the newly turned vegans are aged between 15 and 34.

Benefits of Being Vegetarian

Reduced Cancer Risk

A lot of awareness has been spread about the possibility of getting cancer on consuming high amounts of processed meats. Meats like ham and bacon are not the healthiest varieties. The internet too has played a major role in spreading the awareness of veganism. Any updates or news can get viral within moments on social media. Around one-third of the Brits have cut down or reduced their meat consumption and have, instead, adopted a vegan diet.

Healthier Options Available on the Market

What helped meat eaters –turned- vegans continue with their decision was the availability of excellent vegan options in the supermarkets these days. Vegan options like tofu, vegan butter, soy milk and other soy products easily compensated for milk and milk products. A plethora of vegan pizzerias, ice-cream parlors and vegan restaurants have made it easier for people to change to a vegan diet. One won’t even miss their favorite dairy foods as there are so many similar tasting vegan options available in the market.

Being Vegetarian for health
Being Vegetarian for Health

Your Contribution Against Animal Cruelty

Social media has been flooded with the cruel and barbaric practices of animal slaughter. Cruel treatment is meted out to animals to extract the maximum dairy products from them. They are given injections to increase their milk produce and artificially inseminated too to produce young ones for slaughter. This malpractice has also forced millions to quit dairy products and turn vegan. Animal rights activists and plenty of good Samaritans who had been unaware of how their meat or milk came up on their dinner tables, out rightly refused to consume animal products. Many videos and messages instill in a sense of moral and ethical values in the youth today coaxing them to adopt a vegan diet. Berlin is the vegan capital of Europe and it celebrates an annual VeganesSommerfest wherein vegan food vendors and animal rights activists come together to celebrate a lifestyle free from animal products.

Vegan Diet can be as Healthy as a Non-Veg Diet

There is a also a hype doing rounds in the grapevine about vegans facing a deficiency of vitamin B12. But according to a recent survey, more and more people are ready to take supplements of vitamin B12 than going for meat and dairy products. Vegans have seen a reduction in their cholesterol levels and have also found it easier to control obesity.

According to a recent prediction, it is believed that the entire world hunger would be solved 5 times if the whole world went vegan. Whether the veganism hype will last long or die an unnatural death – only time will tell! But for the time being, there is no harm in following the latest trend.

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