Benefits Of Following Semi-vegetarian Food List -

Benefits Of Following Semi-vegetarian Food List

semi vegetarian food list

Also known as flexitarian diet, This is a new word that means a flexible vegetarian diet. In this diet, you base your whole diet on vegetarian or plant-based foods together with moderate consumption of meat-based products. It is less of a diet and more of a lifestyle because there are no strict rules on how much meat you can consume or not. It was created by Jackson Blatner and it has multiple benefits for the body which are mentioned in this article.

Cardiovascular health

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Heart diseases take maximum lives all over the globe and you cannot just improve the health of your heart in a month or by taking medicines. It is a lifelong process, what you eat is a key factor in defining your heart’s health. A study on forty-five thousand participants found that vegetarians have a 30 per cent lower chance of heart disease than nonvegetarians and a 2015 study by the American heart association found that people following a flexitarian diet suffered fewer heart attacks and strokes which proves the fact that including plant-based products improves the health.

Aids weight loss


Meat-based products are calorie-dense foods and promote weight gain people. Multiple studies across the world have found out that following plant-based products or vegetarian diets are much more helpful in maintaining your waistline. So when you include fruits and veggies in your diet which are not heavy in calories. One such study found that plant-based eaters weigh fifteen per cent less than non-vegetarian ones. So, if you plan to keep your weight stable or decrease it then a flexitarian diet   is the best choice

Preventing diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is considered a health epidemic across the world now. American college of nutrition published in its journal that vegetarian diets decrease the risk of diabetes significantly and it is almost impossible for someone to stop consuming meat-based products immediately which is why a flexitarian diet can improve your bet against type 2 diabetes. It is because this diet is rich in fibre and contains healthy fats.

Decreased risk of cancer and longer life

A study on seventy-eight thousand people over 7 years found that. Non-vegetarians were 8 % more likely to develop colorectal cancer than semi-vegetarians and not only this type of cancer but plant-based foods are rich in antioxidants that prevent cancer. Research has also found that semi-vegetarians will live new years longer than non-vegetarians. Also, meat-based products are linked to increased death rates by cancer and other diseases which is why a semi-vegetarian list of food is what you want to follow.


As people become health conscious more and more custom diets flood the market but in reality following simple plans with better discipline is inclined to give more benefit rather than jumping from one to another. Flexitarian diet  ranked third in the list of best diets by US news which proves its credibility also this diet is not as strict as other ones it can be adjusted to your lifestyle and gradually you can then rules as you wish

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