Best Cuban foods for vegetarians

Cuba Vegetarian Food

Cuban foods are full of amazing flavors that deserves to be given a trial. Being a vegetarian lower your risk of having health issues like high cholesterol level, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. It also makes you curious of other culture’s cuisine as you have little amount of foods available for you as a vegetarian, so when you can get delicious delicacies from other culture’s meals, why not explore?

Papas Rellanas: Eggplant and Potato Croquettes

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Papas Rellanas is a type of croquette popular in Cuba. In this eggplant and potato recipe, the crispy potato croquettes have an aromatic, spicy and delicious eggplant filling that is covered by creamy mashed potatoes. They are then paired with a creamy and aromatic avocado sauce for dipping. The most important ingredients are eggplants and mashed potatoes

Cuban Lentil Soup with Lemon Crema and Baked Plantains


The Cuban lentil soup is a robust soup full of classic Cuban onions, garlic and vegetables. This recipe gives you a taste of delicious baked plantains garnished with lemon-crema, it is a very nutritious dish. The main ingredients for the soup are olive oil, onions, carrots, bay leaves, and garlic, and for this recipe, plantain and lemon crema. Other ingredients depend on the kind of recipe you choose.

Cuban black beans

The Cuban black beans are a very nutritious food. It can be cooked in diverse ways depending on your choice. For a quick vegetarian Cuban black beans meal, just chop onion and green pepper and add a bit of garlic and jalapeno. Cook them together with the beans for a while till it becomes saucy and thick. The result of this flavor is very nice and savory. You can serve it with some rice, either brown or white.

Cuban-style Crockpot Quinoa and Red Beans

This is a simple and easy recipe of the quinoa and red beans; it is a very good choice for dinner for the entire family. The crockpot makes the cooking very easy as it requires minimal effort. The ingredients like red and white quinoa, green bell pepper, Cuban seasoning and salt are cooked for a while in the crockpot. After cooking, then you add the red beans, onions and lime juice.

Oyster Mushroom Ropa Vieja

In Spanish, Ropa Vieja means “old clothes” or “dirty rags.” It is one of Cuba’s national dishes. Its main ingredient is shredded oyster mushroom which is literally just pulled apart making it looks like a dirty rag. The flavors in this dish are remarkable, the mushrooms, capers, wine and olives give the best.

Natilla (Custard)

Natilla is a Cuban dessert which is usually made with egg yolks like every other dessert. However, there is a vegan version of it which substitutes the egg and the milk with fresh almond milk and vegan egg. The main ingredients for a vegan recipe of Natilla are almond milk, lemon rinds, vegan egg, arrowroot powder and cane sugar

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