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Are you looking for a Punjabi food recipe? Punjabi is one of the most popular North Indian cuisines. The Punjabi culture is one of the oldest and richest in the country. With so many dishes to choose from, it can be quite confusing as to what you should start with. Here are some great Punjabi recipes that are vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

An Overview

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This dish is a must try. It is rice and potato preparation. Traditionally made in Central Punjab, this Punjabi recipe is spiced with black cardamom and red chili. The recipe has an intense flavor that is spicy and goes well with any type of potato. This is also a great recipe to serve with dosa.

A classic Punjabi meal that people love to eat is the chicken kebab. You can find this recipe almost anywhere. You will either get the grilled chicken or the dry roast chicken. Both styles have a different style, but both are just as delicious. The vegetarian version of this popular meal substitutes ground radishes for the onions and adds chopped onions and tomatoes to the mix.

Indian Dish

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If you are a true vegetarian then this is the dish for you. It has a very unique taste that is distinctively Indian. The vegetarian version adds chickpeas to the mix which gives it a spicy taste. You will also discover that this dish has a tangy taste that is quite lovely. To make this vegetarian version taste better you can add tomato sauce and coconut milk instead of milk. You will not believe how good it is.

This is yet another excellent Punjabi recipe vegetarian recipe. This dish uses chick peas and carrots and is quite tasty. The ingredients are cooked in a Tandoori oven, giving the dish a really nice, warm flavor. To give this dish a little more kick you can also use cashew or almond milk instead of cow’s milk.

One of the more interesting vegetarian dishes is the Baba Ganouj, which is a meat and/or fish stew. This flavorful stew will have a unique flavor because of the spices used and the different types of seafood that are incorporated. You will also discover that this type of dish is quite delicious. Try a little of this fish with the beef if you are looking for a hearty flavor.

Tandoori Cuisine

One of the best known Punjabi dishes is the Tandoori cuisine, which is based on spices and is usually served with meat. This dish will offer an intense spice flavor and a wonderful aroma. It will have a warming effect on your stomach and will leave you craving for more. The vegetarian option for this type of dish would be the Samosas which is a curry made of chickpeas and lentil. The vegetarian fare that can be served with the Tandoori will include rice, coriander, mint, yogurt and of course the Tandoori chicken.

If you are not too interested in the spicy and meaty side of the Punjabi cuisine then you should consider serving the creamy sauces that are normally found in these vegetarian dishes. These creamy sauces will have a mild flavor and a thick consistency. For a very good option you should consider the Baba Ganouj, which is probably the most famous of all Punjabi vegetarian dishes.


Another great choice of vegetarian meals that can be prepared using the Punjabi cuisine is the biryanis. These dishes are prepared using yogurt and yoghurt preparation. They will give you a nice thick consistency and a flavor similar to that of the paratha. You can try to prepare these dishes at your home with the help of the quick cooking techniques and by slowly adding the ingredients to the marinade.


There are hundreds of Punjabi vegetarian recipes that you can try. However, you must ensure that the ingredients used in the vegetarian food recipe do not have any adverse effects on your health and that they do not cause any harm to your body. You can try different types of vegetarian dishes and find one that gives you a wide range of flavors and options.

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