Delicious Vegetarian Casserole Ideas

Vegetarian Casserole – 8 Delicious Ideas

A casserole is the perfect one-dish wonder.  It has both the meaty and vegetable versions. Here I am going to tell you about a few vegetarian casserole dishes that you can use as a main dish for both lunch and dinner. If you have guests at your house or are going to throw a party, you can certainly have these for your vegetarian friends and guests. Are you a vegetarian? Then you will start licking your fingers just by reading about the dishes. So, shall I start?

Vegetarian Casserole – 8 Delicious Ideas
Vegetarian Casserole – 8 Delicious Ideas

Penne Pasta Casserole

This recipe is ideal for the ones who love Portabello mushrooms and pasta. You can make this super yummy dish with chopped spinach, sliced mushrooms, loads of mozzarella cheese, and penne pasta. 

Lasagna Made With Spinach, Basil, And Zucchini

No-boil lasagna noodles, fresh cream cheese, zucchini, fresh basil leaves, spinach, and ricotta mixture, are baked together and give rise to this dish full of flavors in no time. This hearty vegetarian lasagna dish on the table will make you happy after a long day of work.

Ziti Casserole Baked

It is a baked, comforting, and fulfilling pasta dish. Mix spaghetti sauce, ziti pasta, cheese and ricotta mixture together in layer after layer and bake. Your ziti casserole is ready to serve.

Aromatic Tomato Cobbler

Are you just in love with fresh red tomatoes? Then it is your dish. Cornmeal makes the crunchy upper layer of the tomato blend and gives it a unique taste. I can tell without a doubt that your meat lover friend is also going to ask for more of it once he or she tastes it.

Vegetarian Casserole – 8 Delicious Ideas
Vegetarian Casserole – 8 Delicious Ideas

Mixed Veg Casserole

Combine potato slices, green bell pepper, tomato, squash, eggplant cubes, onion slice, green beans, minced garlic, tomato sauce, herbs, and mushroom slices. Bake it, and your mixed veg casserole full of nutrients is ready. Frankly, this particular dish can be the center of attraction for any party or Sunday brunch.

Green Casserole With Sweet Potato And Cauliflower

As a hefty vegetarian, you can undoubtedly opt for this casserole made of green veggies, sweet potato, and cauliflower and cheese sauce. Its thick texture and excellent flavor will make you crave for more.

Quinoa Casserole With Tomatoes And Basil

If you are looking for a healthy breakfast recipe that is packed with protein, then you are in the right place. Made with grape tomatoes, quinoa, and fresh basil leaves, this recipe is going to make you happy.

Broccoli Casserole With Gouda Cheese

This is a classic recipe made with broccoli, nutty Gouda Cheese, Cremini mushrooms, as well as spicy sour cream and Worcestershire sauce. Its tangy and cheesy flavor will make you glued to it.

I hope you like these eight recipe of vegetarian casserole. You can make one dish every day for you dinner and celebrate a casserole dinner week. Or you can also make one casserole everyday and pack it in your kid’s tiffin box. What say?

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