Does Fast Vegetarian Food Cause Cancer

Fast Vegetarian Food

In this article I am going to review and compare the two types of reports that have been done recently, one is the National Intelligence Assessment (NIA) and another one is the Global Trends report. Both these reports have been used to support a wide range of arguments and claims by government officials and in this review I hope to cover both sides of the argument. This article of course is not an official written or commissioned analysis but I hope it will be informative and hopefully provide you with a good starting point when it comes to the issue of whether or not vegetarian food really does cause cancer.

Fast Vegetarian Food- Does It Cause Cancer?

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The Global Trends report by the US Global Change Research Program in association with the International Atomic Energy Agency states that there is no scientific evidence to prove that eating fast vegetarian food can cause cancer. This article of course compares a number of different declassified US government reports with recently released Russian documents revealing the views of both Russian and Communist leaders about the same events.

The NIA report is however very critical of fast, vegetarian food. They argue that eating too much of this type of food, particularly red meat, leads to high consumption of calories, high protein, saturated fats, cholesterol and salt, and they say these should be avoided as part of a healthy diet. They further argue that it is not clear whether or not these types of foods lead to cancer.

The Global Trends report is far more positive and supportive of eating fast, vegetarian food. This is primarily due to the fact that the report focuses solely on the case studies of the world’s greatest food sources, namely China, India and Russia. The countries involved are China, India and Russia because they are the largest producers of these foods. These four countries were selected because of their role as the worlds leading agricultural and food-producing countries.

As a result of this, there are some big questions raised by this report. For instance, is it possible that these foods are causing cancer because the people who consume them are at a high enough risk? If so, then why haven’t other countries also were found to be showing this same increase in cancer?

What Is The Best Alternative To Eating Fast Vegetarian Food?

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Another question that can be asked is what the best alternative to eating fast vegetarian food is. In this case I believe that you need to be sure that you are eating an all organic product as there are other choices that do not contain any types of ingredients that could potentially cause cancer.

The authors of this report also state that there is no evidence to conclude that there are health risks to eating vegetarian food. However, they do caution people to continue to use this type of food for the long term benefit of their body and especially for their brain. The Global Trends report goes on to state that there is no scientific evidence that eating this type of food can prevent cancer or to promote a healthy mind.

Overall, it is my opinion that there is some very strong evidence that eating fast vegetarian food may lead to some health risks including cancer. However, there is no clear proof as to whether or not eating fast vegetarian food causes cancer. This is why more studies should be done in order to properly determine the pros and cons.

Is Eating Fast Vegetarian Food Good For Health?

Also, it has been found that eating fast vegetarian food is actually good for our health. That is not to say that there are no any real negative effects of eating fast vegetarian food or that the negative effects of eating fast vegetarian food are in any way equal to the positives. It is just that many experts have said that the cons far outweigh the positives.

Many experts will also agree that we should eat slow and raw foods like fruits and vegetables in order to maintain good health. When we eat these foods, they are able to help reduce the amount of bad cholesterol and triglycerides in our blood stream. In addition, they are able to help our bodies naturally fight off cancer cells and the bacteria that causes them.


Finally, it is important to remember that if eating fast vegetarian food is causing cancer then it is very possible that we might be doing something very wrong. Eating unhealthy foods is a part of life and everyone does it at some point. Even those who eat healthy foods will occasionally eat something that might cause them harm.

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