Don’t Carry Your Expensive Cuttlery When You Go Picnic! Check This Amazing Portable Peeler!

Going out for a picnic or traveling? There are never-ending things that you would want to carry along. However, let’s face reality. You cannot take everything. Also, taking your favorite, huge cutlery set outdoor and losing a piece from it or damaging it would be even more painful. In that case, a mini pocketable ceramic peeler and cutter is what you need. It’s not only easy to carry but will make a lot of other things more sophisticated. While there are many advantages of having a mini ceramic cutter like this one, we suggest you to keep reading unless you are convinced.

Mini Pocketable Ceramic Cutter To Carry Anywhere  

If you are setting off for a journey or picnic with family, you need to be sorted about what all to carry and what not. There’s certainly no scope of carrying everything with you at once. While your expensive cutlery set is likely to grab a lot of space, this tiny ceramic cutter will do things for you very easily. Here are some other reasons to have this amazing product.

1. It Can Be Easily Hidden From Children  

While you may be going out with family, you will need to ensure that kids stay safe and do not hurt themselves. Large cutlery sets and sharp knives can easily become a center of attraction for them, and they may end up hurting themselves. This mini ceramic cutter can be easily hidden from kids and used whenever needed.

2. Convenient For Short Getaways 

The mini ceramic cutter is perfect and enough to meet the subtle needs of cutting fruits during a journey or a picnic. You do not need to carry a huge knife unnecessarily and increase your burden of things to take and bring back home.

3. Great For Cutting Citrus Fruits  

Ceramic blades are immune to acids and other caustic substances, unlike the stainless steel blades. They are durable and stay unaffected when it comes to cutting citrus fruits like oranges and lemons.

4. Lightweight 

Ceramic is lightweight than stainless steel blades, which makes it easy to handle and carry. This mini ceramic cutter and peeler will weigh almost nothing.  

Therefore, waste no more time in thinking and get this mini pocketable ceramic cutter now!


  • Material used: ABS, Ceramic
  • Blade size: 55 mm
  • Length: 130 x 33 mm
  • Package includes: Knife 


  • Convenient for peeling and slicing fruits and other food options anywhere.
  • It can easily fit into pockets being small in size.
  • It has a sharp blade that makes your task easy.
  • Lightweight 


  • The knife is sharp and may hurt kids.
  • Not appropriate for chopping food items like meat. The bones can damage the blades.


If you are about to set off for a picnic or a journey to some other place, this mini pocketable ceramic peeler and cutter will prove to be a great friend. It saves you from carrying a huge sharp knife and getting hurt or losing it somewhere. For simple cutting of fruits or other food items, this one will always be a great alternative.

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