Ethiopian Vegetarian Food Types To Know About

Ethiopian Vegetarian Food

Did you know that Ethiopia is one of the countries which have the most massive livestock production in the world? We all love to have various kinds of meat, but that is not the reason why we are here in the first place. You should know that Ethiopia is one of the best places to dig into vegetarian food- and we bet it is the tastiest. Even if you are a non-vegan person, you would order veg foods here because of the drool some taste. According to the Ethiopian culture, the orthodox church says that there should be two fasting days every week- Wednesday and Friday. But in this type of fasting, you can have anything but meat. So what are the Ethiopian vegetarian food types that you should check out?

Injera-Ethiopian Vegetarian Food Types

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If you want to have something filling, then Injera is the best option. It is the staple food of this country’s residents, and they have it at least two times a day. The food comprises starch, and the base material is teff, which is an ancient grain. T0o make it, the teff is mixed with batter until it has the right consistency. The flavor is a bit sour and tangy, and then you have to fry it in the shape of spherical pancakes. It is served in the form of a roll, and you can have veggies on the side.

Yetsom Beyaynetu

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This is a specific veg platter that is a wholesome dish. The entire plate has vegan curries with all the available vegetables. There is a lot of variety that you can find, and there is a combo of soupy and crunchy stuff. You can find a complete combo of flavors, and all of them are going to be delicious together.

Shiro Wat-Ethiopian Vegetarian Food Types

This is another staple dish that is quite filling on the stomach. There is a blend of numerous spices like onions, garlic, ginger, hummus, and many more. The entire thing is going to be healthy, and the mix of flavors is beautiful. The curry that you taste is made out of chickpea flour, which is why it is power-packed in nutrition.

Misir Wat

This dish is made out of lentils, and you can find it in most restaurants. This is a red color curry that comes with a mix of lentils and spices. You can find the taste of roasted onions and garlic, which is fried in ginger oil. The entire dish is rich in proteins, and that is why it is relatively healthy. The lentils are simmered in water for long, and you can get yellow peas in it as well. If you want to complete the platter, then the Ethiopian salad is a must. The vegan food platter will have the optimum balance of nutrients only when you incorporate the salad. The tomato salad is delicious and nourishing, and you will be craving for more.


Ethiopian vegetarian food is something to look forward to whenever you visit the country. So the next time you visit Ethiopia, do not forget to have a bite from all the dishes we have already mentioned.

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