Fast Vegetarian Food Items You Should Taste Now

Fast Vegetarian Food

India is known to have over 360 million vegetarians, which is said to be the most, including all the world’s vegetarians. The origin of vegetarians comes from the Vedic scriptures that state non-violence or noninjury to animals or humans. Therefore meat-eaters were looked down upon by society. Yet with a population of over 1.3 billion people, only 29% are said to be vegetarians. With the change in era and the moral values, the nonvegetarians try the following vegetarianism during auspicious occasions and months. Such auspicious days, people also take up fasting. The tradition of fasting has prevailed for years in all religions. The main aim of keeping a fast is to purify the blood in the body and attain the Divine peace. All the fasting vegetarian food items for you here.

A Few Vegetarian Food Items

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Though depending on the cultural communities and one’s lifestyle, fasting is altered. Usually, one cuts down the meat, and some may also stop eating rice and wheat. During fasting, one switches to vegetarian food. Certain food products are used during maintaining a fast. Some of them being,

Sabudana- It is also called tapioca pearls. This is seen to be used in many households during the fasts. It is an excellent source of carbohydrates that provides energy during the fast, and it can be digested easily. Various sweet and savory dishes are prepared using the sabudana.

Kuttu Atta – It is also known as the buckle wheat flour. It is known to a very fibrous flour that helps in detoxification of the body. It is very rich in proteins, and its fatty acids can help regulate blood glucose and blood pressure. This flour is used in the binding of various dishes.

Dry fruits – The dry commonly used dry fruits are the almonds, the pistachios, cashew nuts, etc. If eaten during fasts, it provides various benefits. When dry fruits are eaten as a snack or part of a breakfast, it provides the energy to sustain energy throughout the day.

Why Choose It?

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Vegetarian food is self-sustainable, which can provide all the components required for the body’s well functioning. It can control cholesterol naturally, which helps in preventing any heart diseases in the future. When dieting, one switch to vegetarian food has proven to show benefits in weight loss and prevents sudden gain in weight until it is eaten in excessive amounts. It is also known to prevent the early signs of aging in women. And lastly, switching to vegetarianism rekindles the compassion for animals and their life.


The ancient fasting culture has been a trend as it helps in losing weight. Various people switch to vegetarian food as it has proven to keep their weight under check. Therefore eating vegetarian food is known to be beneficial for keeping one’s body healthy and their mind at a state of peace.

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