Five Easy Vegetarian Food Recipes

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Vegetarian food could be so amazing because of its vast variety. Vegetarian food contains lots of protein, carbohydrates, nutrients, and very little fat. You may love to eat or maybe you love to feed but not knowing some easy vegetarian food recipes is surely a disadvantage.

Risotto With Nuts Or Corns And Vegetables

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This fusion style risotto recipe will take hardly 40 minutes from your busy day. Cook pulses of any kind along with risotto rice arborio (You can use any kind of rice you have) and fry some nuts, corn and your favourite vegetables on a different pan. Mix them all together when they all are cooked. This tasty and easy vegetarian food contains lots of carbohydrates, protein, fibre and greens and can be a good meal for lunch. 

Spinach Paneer

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Paneer is almost every vegetarian’s favourite. Spinach paneer is basically an easy vegetarian food recipe that requires not more than 30 minutes. While paneer contains lots of protein, calcium and energy spinach is rich in carbohydrates, protein, fibre, calcium, iron, folate etc. This easy vegetarian food recipe does not require any labour but is so delightful to have.  

Broccoli Paneer Cakes

If you ever thought that easy vegetarian food recipes can’t be tasty as well then you have not tried these broccoli paneer cakes ever. This recipe does not require any special culinary skills at all and could be your perfect healthy snack. All to do is to know how to fry and how to use your mixture grinder. Broccoli and paneer contain lots of nutrients and require little time to be cooked. You can make these cakes more crunchy using biscuit powder.

Indian Style Chickpea Curry

“Chhole Bhature” is a quite famous food among Indian vegetarians. It’s very nutritious and full of calories. People who are advised to have a high protein diet should definitely try this one. Potatoes, chickpeas, a few chillies, onions, garlic, little ginger and cumin are all that you require to cook this easy vegetarian food. Chickpeas generally take much time to be cooked but the whole recipe is quite easy. You can have this easy vegetarian dish alone or with boiled rice as well. This dish needs nearly one hour to be prepared and the taste lingers in your mind forever. 

Sweet Tomato Curry With Nuts And Black Raisins

This vegetarian dessert dish is rich in potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium and vitamins. If you like sweet dishes then this is something you will love to have. This easy vegetarian food recipe can be prepared within 30 minutes and the preparation is not a laborious one at all. You just have to cut and fry tomatoes, add some sugar, water, raisins and baked nuts. 

Bottom Lines

We believe from now on you will be able to easily amaze your vegetarian friend or family members with these easy vegetarian food recipes and enjoy these dishes yourself too. Hope you had a nice reading!

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