Food Near Me Vegetarian In America

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It was a time when the American population was addicted to meat, and being vegetarian was not an option. But as the civilizations improved and development took place. People have started going towards a vegan diet, and people are becoming vegetarians day by day. Now, most of the Google Maps searches are for food near me. Plant-based burgers are in the hype these days, and the demand for them is increasing day by day.

Here are some of the best vegetarian restaurants which can make your mouth watery with just one dish.

Bouldin Creek Cafe

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Austin, texas

It is a pure plant-based dinner and coffee house where you can find a plate full of beans and vegetables.

Mushrooms and zucchini-based dishes are unique and don’t forget to try blueberry pie if you visit here.

Bunna Cafe

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Brooklyn, New york

Bunna Cafe is a pure vegan-based restaurant, and its dishes are going to taste like heaven on earth.

It was started by two people while just doing fun as they were helping a hungry friend. But now, they rule the streets of Brooklyn with their nine famous world-renowned dishes.

Misir wot, and Shiro are two of their best dishes.

Fancy Radish

Washington, DC

As demand for vegan food is still not at its peak in this region, thanks to chef Richard Landau and Kate Jacoby, running this restaurant and serving pure vegan food.

Their empire has expanded now, and they have two more outlets with the name vedge. Fancy radish was their dream restaurant, and they were so dedicated to serving vegan food that they made a festival of celebrating vegetables.

Do try their pure vegan zucchini salad whenever you visit them.


San Francisco, California

Greens, as the name suggests, serves only vegetarian food and is the og among them all.

As we go back to 1979, when greens were started, it made Americans believe that there are still other dishes available rather than meat and cream.

Their food continues to add new customers every day from all around the globe.

You can have the best items here without the crutch of bacon.

Homegrown Smoker

Portland, Oregon

The most famous restaurant for barbecue in portland is a homegrown smoker

They serve all vegan food at barbecues. The best thing is that it serves mac with no cheese and other dishes vary a lot.

They use fake meats like soya-based smoked chicken and tofu fish fillets. The homegrown smoker is the church of seitan.

Jajaja Plantas Mexicana

New York, new york

The name might sound like laughing, but the food at Jajaja is not at all a joke. It serves a variety of Mexican vegan food and platters.

They make all kinds of foods with a little bit of Mexican touch in them.

Adding Mexican touch to every food is their specialty, and if you visit New York, this is a place to go.

Modern Love

Omaha, Brooklyn, new york

It is a restaurant that opened in 2016 and is famous for its variety of cuisines. Its wide range in cuisines attracts a lot of food bloggers and influencers to visit it. Serving vegan food in all types of cuisines is a great job.

One of the most famous dishes is cauliflower wings.


These were some of the best vegan restaurants to visit in America. Do try them out if you are a lover of vegan or vegetarian food. 

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