Vegetables Can Improve Your Health |

Vegetables Can Improve Your Health

What Happens When To You Eat More Veg Foods

Admit it; if you are not a complete vegetarian, you don’t consume enough veg foods regularly. Our daily life has turned very unhealthy due to the rushed meals, no exercise and of course hectic schedules. Veggies most times don’t have a place in our diet. But many of us don’t know how veg foods can actually transform our body if we include more vegetarian foods into our meals daily.

What Happens When To You Eat More Veg Foods
What Happens When To You Eat More Veg Foods

1. Veg Food Will Keep Your Digestive System Good

As vegetables are high in fiber, the digestive system of yours will work much more efficiently and of course regularly. But you must remember as your vegetable intake increases; you have to drink more water. Otherwise, you will get constipated.

Your bowel function will improve if you slowly add more veggies into your regular diet. Don’t go for a completely vegetarian diet suddenly. It will then cause diarrhea as it takes time for your body to adjust to this new diet.

2. Live Longer

What Happens When To You Eat More Veg Foods
What Happens When To You Eat More Veg Foods

Research has found that eating vegetables and fruits more than five times every day can reduce the chance of heart attack, cancer, stroke, and also early death. They also concluded that ten servings of the fruit-veggie intake every day could prevent premature deaths in large scale. Eating leafy vegetables and cruciferous vegetables can actually help you live longer and healthier.

3. Your Skin Will Glow

Forget about creams and face masks. Eating more veggies enhance your skin texture and appearance. Vitamin C, high water content, and Phytonutrients in vegetables hydrate your skin and reduce wrinkles.

These phytonutrients act as a natural anti-aging element by stopping cell damage occurred from sun, stress, or environmental toxins. Orange and red veggies are best for your skin. These vegetables have beta carotene which protects your skin from the sun damage.

What Happens When To You Eat More Veg Foods
What Happens When To You Eat More Veg Foods

4. You Become Less Sick

Vitamin A founds in food keeps your skin and eyes healthy. It also protects you from getting any infections. Carrots, spinach, watermelon, lettuce, sweet potato, and tomato are full of Vitamin A.

When you eat veggies enriched with Vitamin C, it helps your wounds to heal and also maintain your gum health.

5. Stress Level Will Be Lower With Veg Food Intake

Whenever we think of any comfort food, we want to gorge on oily, creamy, unhealthy foods. But the truth is, vegetables are far more effective as comfort foods.

When you eat veggies during stress, it replenishes your lost Vitamin C and magnesium. We lose these two elements from our body during stress. Vegetables also give us Vitamin B, omega-3 fats, which reduce depression and anxiety.

6. More Veggies Ensure Healthy Baby For Pregnant Woman

If you are a woman who is trying for pregnancy or in your first trimester, you need to eat food that has the right amount of folic acid. Folic acid is found in legumes, dark green veggies, avocadoes, and citrus fruits. It helps to produce red blood cells, which is good for fetal development.

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