How To Plan A Diet Meal

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Losing weight doesn’t mean that you have to starve. An individual can eat freely and lose weight without gaining, but this is only possible if you have a perfect diet. People are not aware of their eating habits and how to maintain your diet with healthy foods?  If you know the right food to eat and at the right time, then you will be successful in losing weight.

How To Plan A Diet Meal To Loose Weight?
How To Plan A Diet Meal To Loose Weight?

You can select 120 calorie servings to make your interesting meal daily. Enjoy your snack time; you don’t have to stay hungry to stay fit and healthy.

  1. Granola bar – 1
  2. Mini bag popcorn – 1
  3. Light ice cream – ½ cup


How To Plan A Diet Meal To Loose Weight?
How To Plan A Diet Meal To Loose Weight?

An individual starts the day with breakfast as this is the most important meal that should not be skipped anyway. Foods that can be taken in breakfast are:

Quinoa risotto- This dish is delicious and has quite good taste. This is the replacement of rice and has low fat in it. Quinoa risotto perfectly suits your diet as it contains olive oil and many basic herbs used in the kitchen.

Soya beans in cabbage cups- soya beans are first boiled in fresh water, and then they are fried in olive oil or saffola oils to control cholesterol. Many herbs and masala are used to give it a yummy taste. Toppings are also utilised for flavours. These healthy foods can make your mood happy and satisfied in just simple, easy steps.


Lunch is the second most important meal. This is the complete meal that needs to be taken in sufficient quantity to keep you energise the whole day.

Jowar medley – If you don’t want to repeat the same Indian dishes again and again then try this Thai dish with Thai herb taste. This dish is made of jowar that is mixed with vegetables like small tomato pieces, cucumber, onion, and other specific vegetables. You can also try making it at home and maintain your diet efficiently.

Oats idli – If you love south Indian foods and cannot ignore, then you can replace the ingredient for making the dish that gives almost a similar taste. Oats idli is the best dish proven for diet maintenance.

Dinner Diet

Mayonnaise made with cashew nut and tofu – This is a healthy dish that is oil-free and fully vegetarian. Cashewnuts give specific flavour, and tofu also adds a different taste in the dish.

In desserts, you can have apple oats crumble. This dessert is made of oats and apple and has low fat so your diet cannot be disturbed in any way.

Important Diet Tips To Be Followed Every Day For More Effective Results    

7 -8 glasses of water

5 sets of Surya Namaskar

The practice of easy and simple yoga asanas to feel relaxation

Control on sugary substances

If you follow this diet on a regular basis, then you can be healthy for sure and free from the most dangerous diseases. Usually, diet can be taken based on the analysis of individual body weight, age, diseases they are suffering from, blood pressure level and allergies. This is how to maintain your diet with healthy foods effectively and early.

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