Recognize Vegetarian Dishes In Restaurants

6 Popular Vegetarian Restaurants In New York

If you are just transforming into a vegan then you must be warned about one thing- dining out. Yes, dining out is quite challenging for vegans. It is not easy to find a vegetarian restaurant out there and in normal restaurants, you won’t find so many vegan options. This is the reason why most of the vegans just don’t prefer dining out options. Another complicating issue here is that even though you order a vegetarian dish, they may be cooked with some animal-related ingredients like chicken or meat stock, butter, etc. The good news here is the restaurants these days are expanding their food menu options for vegans.

Here are some of the tips that will help you out if you are planning to eat out.


First thing you can do is checking the menu for a leaf symbol or ‘v’ as these indicates that the dish is completely vegetarian. If you are in doubt about any dish, make sure to ask the staff. Hotels these days are training their waiters to particularly cater the requirement of vegans.

Don’t hesitate to ask about your special preferences. Some hotels offer customization of the dishes so you may get what kind of dish you want with ease. If you are at a wedding or any function ask the waiter to serve vegetarian meal.

Fast Food

It is very tough to find meatless options at the fast food centers. But these days the increase in vegan number has prompted these fast food restaurants to add vegetarian salads and sandwiches. The breakfast items at fast food centers are vegetarian friendly.


The travel services, be it airlines, cruise ships or trains make sure to ask them whether they provide a pure vegan meal or not. Most of the transportation services these days are trying hard to meet the requirement of vegans but it is important for you to confirm before you start the journey. If you have any doubt regarding the meal, pack one by yourself.

Dining Out Options In Vegetarian Restaurants
Dining Out Options In Vegetarian Restaurants

Dinner Party

Well, here comes the tricky part. Did your friend arrange a party for you! Then make sure that the host knows your food preferences. If you are too shy to tell them about it, then offer to bring a vegetarian dish from your home. This way you will be able to manage the dinner party.

Dining Out Options In Vegetarian Restaurants
Dining Out Options In Vegetarian Restaurants

Global Cuisine

Visit global cuisine restaurants to get plethora of food options. There are so many Asian cuisines that offer meatless options. These cuisines provide some of the best meatless recipes for the customers. Thai, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan are some of the cuisines that you can try. They may include dairy so make sure that the chef and waiter know your preferences.

The vegetarian restaurants aren’t fully established yet. It indeed is a little bit tough for vegans to dine out due to the limited options. The restaurants are trying to provide more recipes for customers but they should advance a bit more.

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