Khichdi Recipe: Know Its Origin

Khichdi Recipe: Know Its Origin

Don’t let the simplicity of the Khichdi recipe fool you. It is actually quite complicated and only for those with an imagination to match.

Understand The Recipe

In its traditional dry land cooking, there are various ingredients used for the recipe. However, a lot of these ingredients have passed away and they have been replaced by some of the same ones but improved in their own right. These ingredients are referred to as the grandparents of the Khichdi recipe.

One such ingredient used for Khichdi was rice. Rice is an element that can be used in many other food recipes for other dishes.

The basic idea behind Khichdi is that rice is cooked slowly so that it absorbs all the flavors of the herbs, spices, and the taste of the ingredients. Hence, it has evolved into an interesting combination of dry land cooking and hot spicy cuisine.

Khichdi Recipe: Know Its Origin
Khichdi Recipe: Know Its Origin

In fact, it began as a sour combination of flavors of Indian dishes. Indian curry leaves were mixed with herbs and spices and then cooked slowly for hours on end until the flavors started to release from the leaves.

Ingredients Are Popular

These ingredients have remained as one of the most popular items in Indian cuisine. They are used extensively in the recipe. They are used to flavor the rice, add flavor to the flour and even bring out the natural flavor of the yogurt.

Some of the ingredients like garlic, ginger, cardamom, cumin, and onion paste also have their own homemade versions that are prepared in accordance with the region. These ingredients are traditionally boiled with these ingredients for hours to release their full flavor.

As one can expect, a lot of people use their hands when preparing Khichdi and many other Indian recipes. While the finger and hands method have been the norm for a long time, the better way of preparing the recipe is using a bamboo strainer which prevents any excess moisture from building up and thus making the Khichdi moist.

It’s Viral

With the availability of the internet, the Khichdi recipe has even gone viral on the net. There are a number of websites dedicated to it. These websites are one of the reasons why the Khichdi recipe is becoming a very popular dish in India.

Not only do they provide an easy way to prepare Khichdi, but they also tell how to make a wrong or a poor Khichdi recipe. The first reason behind this popularity is the basic rule. People have tried out their best to find the right way to prepare the Khichdi.

The second reason is because of the number of sites that are dedicated to Khichdi. The Khichdi recipe has been mixed with Indian cuisines, the biryani, and the Middle Eastern cuisines. Now, people who have been using Khichdi for years are telling how to make Khichdi using new and innovative ways.

Bottom Line

The Khichdi recipe has turned into an exotic dish that has become a part of every home. The Khichdi recipe is no longer reserved for dry land cooking alone. It is also famous for mixing different cuisines together for an ultimate taste experience.

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