Everything About Vegan Cheese

Know Everything about Vegan Cheese

Most of the people out there love cheese, and there is no denial in that. If you are adopting a vegetarian diet and are worried about skipping the cheese, you can stop worrying. Vegan cheese will replace with ease. While the real cheese comes from goat, cow or sheep milk, this vegetarian cheese makes with vegetable oil, nuts and nutritional yeast. You can use this dairy-free cheese happily in your vegetarian meals.

Ingredients Present In Vegan Cheese

The vegan cheese is entirely free from any animal products. They make it from nuts like macadamia and cashews, soy, vegetable oils like coconut oils, etc. Cheese derived from tapioca, agar, arrowroot and peas is also available in the market.

Preparation Of Vegan Cheese

When it’s makers started trying various recipes to create pure vegetarian cheese, they wanted to make it look and taste like the animal cheese only. The process of making cheese wasn’t easy. Vegetarian cheese also involves the same steps in the process that are similar to traditional cheese making.

The bacteria separate plant proteins and then they are blended with oils and thickeners desired consistency.

Similar to those of usual cheeses, the vegan cheese also required a lot of time for processing. Both bacteria and vegetables should be given time to broke down further. They don’t want to bond naturally, and this is the reason why they taste a bit unique than the normal ones.

Taste And Texture

The taste and texture of vegan cheese are a bit different. It won’t melt like dairy cheese, and you don’t expect the same experience that you have with standard cheese when you top it on pizza, etc. There are various types of vegan cheese available, and all of them have different types of consistency.

Is It Healthy?

If you are avoiding cheese due to saturated fat, then you can stop it. It has been proven in studies that cheese is good for health and reduces the risk of diabetes and other types of heart diseases. The vegetarian cheese is low in fat, calcium and protein comparatively. Vegetarian cheese is processed food, and hence, it is high in sodium. Make sure to go through the ingredients list when you are picking up vegan cheese. If you are expecting proteins from vegetarian cheese, you will be disappointed.

Know Everything about Vegan Cheese
Know Everything about Vegetarian Cheese

Types Of Vegan Cheese

Vegetarian cheese is crafted to replace various types of standard cheese that is available in the market. From Parmesan slices to Mozzarella sticks, you will find all the standard dairy type cheese in vegan ones also. Here are the types of Vegetarian cheese that you can see in the market.

Know Everything about Vegan Cheese
Know Everything about Vegetarian Cheese
  • Vegetarian Parmesan cheese
  • Vegan Cheddar Cheese
  • Vegetarian Mozzarella Cheese
  • Vegetarian Ricotta Cheese
  • Vegan Cream Cheese

There are so many renowned companies out there that provide the best vegan cheese for vegans. As now you understand the difference between vegan cheese and a normal cheese, you won’t have to worry about the difference in taste or texture anymore.

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