Korean Vegetarian Food Recipes Will Make You Their Fan

Korean Vegetarian Food

Is there any love for Korean vegetable food? Do Korean vegetarian cuisines make you echo the word delicious? Well, it’s just a myth that Korean dishes are only delicious when they include meat in it. However, the truth is entirely the opposite.

One can find a bulk of appetizing Korean vegetarian food recipes that can stun you amazingly. You will find some top-class animal-friendly cuisines that are hell mouth-watering in this guide and is the country’s favorite.

Now, have a glimpse at some of the exquisite Korean vegetarian meals.

List of Korean Vegetarian Food Recipes

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1. Temple Food – Best Korean Vegetarian Food

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The recipe of temple food involves unique plant-based flavors. It’s a vegetarian meal than people generally serve in several tiny dishes.

Moreover, Korean Buddhism does not allow meat along with five pungent-smelling vegetables called oshinchae. These ingredients include onions, chives, leeks, green onions, and garlic. Moreover, you can enjoy this Korean vegetarian food in many restaurants present all over the world.

2. Bibimbap – Korean Vegetarian Food

Bibimbap is another famous dish in Korea. The dish encompasses various spicy and protein-rich gochujang sauce, chopped vegetables, plus a bowl of delicious warm rice.

The exotic Dolsot bibimbap is a healthy Korean dish that you can serve in a unique hot stone pot.

In this stone pot, you can have rice in the bottom layer that has a crunchy taste. In addition to this, people commonly serve bibimbap with meat. However, you can find a substitute for meat with eggs or tofu. You can also add a variety of vegetables to this food.

3. Gimbap – Amazing Korean Vegetarian Food

It is a delicious Korean vegetarian food that includes fillings such as beef, fish cake, spam. You can also stuff your favorite fillings other than the above. The vegetarian version of this dish can include vegetables, rice, and filling of fried seaweed.

So at least once try this dish and enjoy the delicious flavors.

4. HobakJuk – Winter Korean Vegetarian Food

It’s a popular Korean dish that has its unique popularity in winters. Moreover, you can make a hearty, sweet, and thick porridge that includes sweet glutinous rice flour, brown sugar, and pumpkin. Also, you can add pine nuts plus red beans to the dish to enhance its flavors.

5. Bingsu

To calm you down, a bowl of bingsu in summers give you a perfect taste.

With condensed cream and milk, plus the topping of red beans, you can prepare this dish. Also, you can add unique flavors such as coffee, matcha. Additionally, the theme of cheesecake pieces, cookies, chocolate, and fruit makes this dish sweet and incredibly delicious.

6. Jeon – Korean Vegetarian Food

Jeon is another Korean vegetarian food that involves incredible pancakes. One famous pancake is pajeon that includes green vegetables plus seafood. However, there’s an option to exclude seafood and have a green vegetable pancake.

Conclusion on Korean Vegetarian Food

We hope these mouth-watering Korean vegetarian food recipes will make you meet with the vegetarian side of the country that is even more delicious.

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