5 Healthy Vegetable Juice Recipes

Low Carb Diet: 5 Healthy Vegetable Juice Recipes

If you wish to follow a low carb diet, the vegetable is a great choice to boost your diet. Tomato, carrot, broccoli, cucumber, beetroot all of these are nutritious vegetables that can be used to prepare amazing juices to promote weight loss. The best vegetables for this purpose are those that have a high water content in them. Added flavors, you may go for herbs like mint, parsley, etc. They are aromatic, low in carbs, and flavourful, as well. As sweeteners, you may use limes, berries, and lemons that are low in carbohydrates. We have listed Healthy Vegetable Juice Recipes .

Tomato Healthy Vegatable Juice Recipes

A cold glass of tomato juice with cucumber and curd blended with it can serve as a great low carb drink for weight loss. For added flavors, you can also add a pinch of rock salt and garlic to it. Tomato has a very low content of calories and a high amount of water. Tomatoes are also filled with the antioxidant lycopene. It is helpful in reducing the risk of high cholesterol, boosts immunity, and adds a glow to your skin and eyes. Lycopene has also been proved to boost up body metabolism. Active metabolism leads to faster weight loss. Apart from this, tomatoes are also rich in fibers. The fibers are responsible for promoting healthier digestion, which is a key factor in losing weight. 

Beetroot Healthy Vegatable Juice Recipes

Low carb juice is prepared by using beetroots as the main ingredient, for added sweetness and flavors you can go for olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and season it with some salt and pepper. Beetroot is loaded with vitamin C and other healthy vitamins and minerals. Since it has a lot of fibers in it, it helps to control your appetite for a long time by keeping you full. You can also combine beetroot with apple to prepare a tasty low carb drink. For this, take 2 cups of sliced beetroot and 1 cup of chopped apple. Blend both these ingredients and add cinnamon, salt, and pepper to it.

Cucumber Healthy Vegatable Juice Recipes

Consists of the high content of water and are extremely low in calories. Due to its high water content and fibers, it keeps you full for a longer duration of time. To prepare cucumber juice, take one full cucumber, and blend it properly. Once it is done, add some fresh lime juice in it. You can also add mint leaves for more flavors. Cucumber help release toxins from your body and boosts metabolism. 

Lime Juice

Is a citric fruit that boosts metabolism, store fewer fats, and burn more calories. Experts recommend drinking a glass of lime juice before having meals. To prepare this low carb drink, simply squeeze a lemon and add water to it accordingly. Mix some salt in it, and you are done. 

Carrot Juice

The juice helps in bile secretion, which burns more fats. Blend a carrot and add an apple, orange, or a piece of ginger to it. This juice is full of fibers and is a great detox drink to cleanse your body. By having just a glass of carrot juice, you can keep yourself full for hours. This will help you to make healthy vegetable juice recipes.

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