Mango Basil Colada Recipes

“Recipes” are some of the important parts of life. They enhance our life with subtle variations here and there. Moreover, it makes our life all interesting. Besides, recipes come with both solid and liquid enhancements. They not only make the solid form tasty.

Additionally, they make the liquid beverages some more exciting too. Today we are here to talk about the mango basil colada recipe. We all love the sweet taste of mango. Besides, the sweet taste of these fruits is a worldwide enhancer. The flavor itself makes the drinks amazing. However, if you take the fruit chilled, then it also makes you refreshed. 

Therefore drinking a chilled mango drink is nevertheless amazing. Just imagine the addition of basil in this fantastic item, both of these ingredients are going to make the drink taste all cool and unusual. 

Therefore let us take a quick glance at the ingredient list of the item-

Mango Basil Colada Recipes, Let Us Gear Up
Mango Basil Colada Recipes, Let Us Gear Up

Mango Basil Colada Recipes: The List Of Ingredients Of The Fantastic Drink

  1. Take mangos. However, you need to take around 100 gm 
  2. After that take 100 ml of coconut water
  3. Then take one teaspoon of sugar
  4. After that take 50 ml coconut cream
  5. Then add five leaves of basil
  6. After that conclude with around 6-7 ice cubes

We have come to the end of the ingredients list. Now it is our turn to prepare the mango basil colada recipe. Let us take our eyes to the procedure now.

Mango Basil Colada Recipes, Let Us Gear Up
Mango Basil Colada Recipes, Let Us Gear Up

Directions To Make The Mango Basil Colada  

  1. Let us start with a blender. We need to first blend down the ice cubes. After that, chop down the mangos. After that, add coconut water in the blender. 
  2. However, before going to the blender, you need to take glass first. Therefore add those basil leaves with the sugar in this glass container. 
  3. After that, add the earlier mentioned blended mixture in this glass container. 
  4. After that, take a spoon and start stirring. After that, add the coconut cream in the glass container. However, you need to carry on with the swirling process.
  5. Well, we all almost at the end of the topic. Therefore try serving the beverage by garnishing some basil leaves in the drink.
  6. Voila, your drink is set to have a sip. 

It is getting hard day by day. And drinks such as this one is going to help you take a break from the real world. Henceforth it will take us to the third level. Furthermore, this generation always looks forward to taking a break. Therefore the crave for an escape with this mango drink will help you to end your day after dinner. Moreover, this is an excellent alternative to a summer dessert idea. Therefore gear up, and prepare this fantastic beverage as soon as you can. 

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