Palak Dal Khichdi Recipe

Palak Dal Khichdi Recipe: On A Dull Day

A Palak Dal Khichdi recipe is a simple yet flavorful recipe. In India, people eat a lot of different types of Khichdi. Mixing vegetables, dal, spices, and spinach to the Khichdi makes it nutritious as well as healthy. Eating a simple Khichdi is quite annoying until the doctor recommends it. However, when in the natural state, do add whatever you like to make it full of flavors. Moreover, it’s a perfect mix of proteins, carbohydrates, and other nutrients. One can enjoy it at any time of the day, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Palak Dal Khichdi Recipe: On A Dull Day
Palak Dal Khichdi Recipe: On A Dull Day

Why Is Palak Dal Khichdi Recipe So Special?

Indian cuisine is famous for its taste and variety of flavors. However, Khichdi is one such food that is prepared in every Indian house. This is a very healthy diet perfect for the stomach. All those who want to have something very light can have a plate of Khichdi to satisfy their hunger. Moreover, spinach, which is palak, acts as the cherry on the cake. It is perfect for the stomach and makes the Khichdi much more nutritious. Everyone must try this recipe at least once. You will love the taste for sure.

Spinach Rice Khichdi Or Palak Khichdi Recipe

1/ 2 cup rice
Moong dal ( yellow lentils) ½ cup
Turmeric ½ tsp spoon
Water 3 cups
Clarified butter 1tbsp
Cumin seeds 1 tsp
Cardamom 2 pods
Cinnamon 1 inch
Bay leaf 1
Dried red chili 1
½ onion chopped
1 tsp ginger garlic paste
One green chili
One tomato
Fresh palak leaves 7-8 leaves
Salt to taste
1 tbsp ghee for garnishing


Soak dal and rice for half an hour in water. Now drain the lentils and rice and put them in a pressure cooker with water, turmeric, and salt.
Let it cook for at least five whistles.
Until the lentils and rice are getting cooked, you can prepare the garnishing for the Khichdi.
In a separate pan, add ghee and let it melt. Add bay leaf, cinnamon, cumin seeds and cardamom in quantity mentioned above.
Sauté for a minute till you smell the beautiful aroma of the spices. Finally, add red chili and chopped onion.
Then, sauté it again till golden brown. Add finely chopped tomatoes, and give it a quick mix.
Meanwhile, take fresh spinach leaves in a mixer jar and blend it into a smooth paste.
Add the spinach paste in the onion and tomato mixture. Put some salt and let everything come to a boil.
Finally, add the cooked lentils and rice into the pan in which spinach is being prepared with tomatoes and onion.
Let the Khichdi boil. Stir continuously, and the Khichdi is ready to be served.

Palak Dal Khichdi Recipe: On A Dull Day
Palak Dal Khichdi Recipe: On A Dull Day


It hardly takes a few ingredients to prepare such a healthy Khichdi at home. This food has a balance of different nutrients. Furthermore, the mixed-use of spices enhances the flavor of the Khichdi. Everyone likes to have it at any time of the day. This food is budget-friendly as well as stomach-friendly too.

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