Protein Food For Vegetarian- Options To Choose From

protein food for vegetarian

According to a health awareness campaign done on 2000 mothers, it has become a cause of concern about losing essential proteins in our diet. People need to understand that there are numerous protein sources, and it does not have to be animal-centric. There are numerous other sources of protein that you can try, like soybean and oats, which are believed to have little protein. It would be best if you had an extensive study about the protein vegetarian foods to be readily available and can be included in the daily diet. Remember that there is a lot more than just milk. Here is everything you need to know about implementing protein as a dietary supplement so that you do not have protein deficiency. 


vegan food

Soybeans and soya chunks are one of the most excellent sources of plant protein. It is a leguminous plant, and if you want to cook it tenderly, then you should soak them overnight. Also, while making idli dosa, you can combine soya beans with potatoes to make the stuffing. Additionally, you can also try soya bean flour and use it to make baked foods. 


vegan food

This is another good food for non-vegetarians and a great source of protein. It is also known as tofu or cottage cheese, and you can make them with an array of vegetables for a balanced diet. In addition to that, it is a portion of delicious food that even the kids will enjoy, and you can put it in sandwiches and salads. There are numerous paneer recipes that you can try, like spicy paneer curry and paneer pulao. Along with that, you can also have grilled paneer salad which is one of the healthiest options that you can choose. 


It is an excellent and protein-rich ingredient that you can start your day with. It is pretty inexpensive, and you will be able to make numerous dishes with a single ingredient. It works pretty well for many recipes, and you can check out some of the healthiest breakfast ideas using oats. If you feel that it is too much, you can also try something relatively simple like milk and oats. 


It is a very common Indian Christian that is used for making fasting dishes. You can eat it along with grains and noodles and even make Rotis out of it.  Not only that, but you can also make it with the help of regular flour to create pizza dough. The final outcome will be delicious, and yet you can have the extra dose of protein that you have been lacking. 


From all the things that we have already mentioned, you can also try millet, peanut butter, cheese, and nuts. Also, you can create tasty dishes with the help of legumes and seeds. You don’t need to get meat and fish just to get your daily dose of protein. 

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