Save Animals And Have Comfort Food Vegetarian Recipe

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Why Being Vegan Is More Healthy Than Being Non-vegan

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We all have often heard that people eat non veg more than veg. The main reason for their having non veg is to gain proteins. Proteins are essential nutrients made of amino acids and are required in our body by our body weight. 

People have a common understanding that non veg food has more proteins than veg food. But the reality is that there are more good proteins in our normal vegetable food which we eat such as cereals and pulses. One can have a bowl full of moong dal instead of having dozens of eggs to gain an equal amount of proteins.

How Is Vegan Food More Comfortable Than Non-vegan Food

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We all know the benefits of natural food and in how many ways natural food is beneficial to us. In the same way, when we consume natural food that is our natural vegetables, its benefit will surely be more than the nonveg food. Our body has different organs with different functions and the requirements of various organs are also different. 

Our organs are made up of flesh and it requires natural nutrition more than non veg food.  Nonveg food is made of the flesh of living organisms such as chicken, Meat, Pig, and more. So how can one eat the flesh of living organisms, being a living organism itself?

Various Vegan Recipes And Their Amazing Taste

No doubt there are the most super delicious categories of the food item or recipes in the vegetarian menu, and because of such amazing taste, vegan food has not only attracted people from national countries but also various international countries. And also eating natural vegetables will keep one more fresh and active throughout. 

A research study had also found that eating non veg more can create problems of extra unhealthy fat covering around a person’s heart. Such problems Can lead to fatal cardiovascular diseases. Also, some religions state that no people have the right to eat any other living organisms without their permission. But people around us purchase those meats, flesh in kilograms, without even thinking about what life God has made for those sea creatures, like fishes, crabs, and more.


So why are we taking the lives of those cute, small living creatures and gaining the biggest sin to ourselves! We should spread all over the world to be Vegan rather than being non-veg because we can’t take someone else’s life. 

After knowing the ultimate benefits of being vegan there is no point to turn into nonveg. Let’s make our world more pure and kind by being kind because there is no food more comfortable than our natural vegetables!

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