Secrets About Korean Food Recipes Vegetarians

korean food recipes vegetarian

Have you ever tried Korean food recipes? Well, if not, it’s time you do. This is one of the most authentic Asian foods around and the main ingredients used are rice, flavorings, and various vegetables that are cooked in a special way. The meat that is used is lean. The Korean food is full of flavors that are hard to find in other foods from around the world.

As I mentioned, the first ingredient that is used is meat. Beef, pork, lamb and chicken are used. Although beef is the main ingredient in Korean food, you will also find vegetable dishes made with beef as well. Soybean products are used in the soup. Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant and garlic are often used in this type of cuisine. Even rice paddies are found in some dishes.

Use Of Spices

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Another interesting thing about Korean food is its use of spices. Most dishes have a hint of seasonings like onions, garlic, salt and pepper. Most of the spices are fish based. Most seafood too.

What makes this unique food so unique is the way it is prepared. Most Korean dishes contain beef or pork. However, seaweed is widely used. It adds nutrition to the food. Seafood is another popular meat that is used.

Very Few Vegetables

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Unlike most Asian countries, Koreans have very few vegetables. You won’t find broccoli or cauliflower there. In fact, Korean food is more meat and seafood based than most Asian countries. So they make their food with different cuts of meat. This makes a vegetarian diet very healthy too.

Soybean soup is one of the best vegetarian foods I’ve had. It was very flavorful and healthy at the same time. The vegetables added a great deal of nutrients to the soup. The flavor is very subtle. If you want to add a flavor, try adding carrot. Cucumber is a good choice also.

I don’t normally eat beef. But, my wife LEELLIE was able to eat a burger when we were on our trip to Seoul. She said it was delicious. Many Korean dishes, even some that aren’t necessarily traditional, have meat. The problem is the lack of many vegetables.

Boiled In Water Or Cooked With Herbs And Spices

Vegetarian food recipes are quite common in Korea. They use soybean, fish, tofu, vegetables and spices to create many of their popular dishes. They also incorporate Chinese herbs, sesame oil, garlic, ginger, onions and many others.

Most vegetables are boiled in water or cooked with herbs and spices. Some are steamed while others are grilled. Ginger and garlic are two very common herbs found in Korean food. Look for ones that are prepared in a way that they are not overcooked. Beef is not always used as the primary ingredient in Korean dishes. They also incorporate vegetable dishes such as garlic tofu and char kwan Sao. Don’t be surprised if you see kimchi, potato, tofu and egg tofu. Kimchi is seafood flavored tofu that is fermented.

Soybean Soup

Soybean soup is one of my favorites. The soup has been created in many ways but is usually created with mung beans, glutinous rice and fish sauce. The mung bean is commonly used in Chin Jung dishes and in some other Korean dishes. The glutinous rice is similar to flour in texture but is less starch. This makes the soup velvety and smooth.

There are various vegetables that are cooked separately. These are typically used in salads or as accompaniments to the main courses of the Korean food. In some cases you will see kimchi, egg tofu and beef mixed together. This is called gyeon-gan ikeo which means “the three meats”.

Final Words

Korean food recipes can be very delicious if they are prepared correctly. Try looking for a recipe that incorporates one or more vegetables that you like. You may be surprised at the health benefits that you can receive by following this food regimen. Many of the ingredients that cause health issues in the West are found in these dishes.

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