The southern States And their Popular Vegetarian Southern Food

vegetarian southern food

Further, Mangos, Jackfruit, honey, and sugarcane provided the sweet component to their meals.

Here you will know about the cuisine of the southern states of India. The early times were of the non vegetarian people. But now there are a variety of recipes that are vegetarian too. Have a look !

Andhra Pradesh – Rice

Karnataka – Rice, Ragi, Bajra and sorghum

Goa – Rice & Rice flour

Tamilnadu; Pondy – Rice, Millets, Ragi

The similarities among these five states is cuisines that have rice, which is a staple food. The use of lentils and species dried Red Chillies and fresh green chilies coconut, and native fruits and vegetables including tamarind, snake gourd, garlic, and Ginger. Kerala, Tamil Naidu, south coastal Karnataka, and most of the parts of Andhra Pradesh use more rice. Ragi is consumed in large quantities in South Karnataka, North Karnataka, on the other hand, they consume more Bajra and sorghum, while In Telangana state uses more jowar and pearl millet. Vegetarian South Indian foods are popular because of the availability of enormous locally

grown vegetables with easy cooking methods keeping in mind the nutritive value of the food, less expensive, and it also provides varieties.

Popular Vegetarian Southern Dishes And Their Health Benefits:

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Kalyana murungai chola maavu Adai

Dilip salt is rich in protein, minerals vitamins and low in carbohydrates and fat. Hence it is a good waste line producer and Maize flour is good for those suffering from common digestive elements like constipation and is an excellent source of fiber, complex carbohydrates and beneficial essential fatty acids.

kelvaragu kozhu

Ragi is rich in Calcium and fiber, which helps in lowering the cholesterol level and is the best food for weight control, diabetes and for cooling the body.

Kollu Rasam

Horse gram helps in lowering cholesterol levels, relieving cold and cough, and also reduce weight.

Ulundhu Sadham

Black gram is widely used in India for the promoter of the digestive system it is helpful in the cure of dysentery and diarrhea black gram is a regular part of the diet known to strengthen the home in women black gram destroys flatulence, loosen the stool, taste sweet, create relishes, strength is given. Semen developer and very nutritious.

Varga Arisi Pongal

Varagu Arisi is high in fiber, Iron, and Calcium. It is a good source of protein and Calcium as well as a combination of this gives a good amount of energy and keeps the body refreshed when consumed as breakfast.

Nellikai sadam

Gooseberry flavored tempered rice. They have antioxidants values and are an excellent source of vitamin C that helps the human body develop immunity against infectious agents.


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People think healthy and slowly switch over the main staple food of rice. One such

ingredient is millets, and varieties of serials contribute to the locally grown Greens and vegetables that also add up to this healthy eating. The popularity of Southern vegetarian food is increasing day by day.

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