Top Meatless Vegetarian Comfort Foods

vegetarian comfort food

Did you ever realize that there is such a thing as vegetarian comfort food? It seems like just about everything that can be baked, steamed, boiled, fried, and even grilled is now labeled “vegetarian” or at least “meat-free.” But have you ever stopped to wonder what is really in these dishes?

It seems that one of the most popular vegetarian comfort foods is probably mashed potatoes. You know, the store-bought variety with the red, green, and yellow handles. The funny thing about mashed potatoes is that it is made from corn starch, eggs, and milk. Yes, it contains dairy, but it’s not the whole milk that most people think it is. So why does this food get the reputation for being vegetarian comfort food?

Meatless Monday Diet

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The first reason might be the great meatless Monday diet. People love the taste of burgers, hot dogs, corned beef, and hot dogs, which has caused an increased interest in vegetarian cooking. Of course, some people are just not interested in giving up their favorite meat. Regardless of your personal beliefs, it’s hard to deny that the taste of steak is very hard to beat. And if you can’t stand the taste of steak, well, this may be a good time to give up your old beef burgers, roast pork chops, and fried chicken.

Classic Soups

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Another popular vegetarian comfort food that can be found in most vegetarian restaurants is the classic soups. This type of meal can come in many different forms, including casseroles, stews, and even hot cereal. A nice touch to some vegetarian recipes is to use a soy-based mayonnaise instead of the meat drippings. A nice thing about using cheese in a vegetarian dish is that cheese is not as common in non-vegan restaurants as it is on traditional menus.


Cheese is a wonderful addition to vegetarian comfort food, as it tends to melt in the dish and provides a smooth texture for the taste buds. One classic cheese to use is a creamy Cheddar. Pair this with vegetable or rice crackers, and you have a great combination of flavors. Another cheese that is common in vegetarian cooking is a Monterey Jack. This is a nice change of pace from regular mozzarella and is much less expensive.

Vegetarian Chili

Other types of vegetarian comfort food are often overlooked and just as delicious as some more common dishes. Some quick and easy options include vegetarian chili, meat or heat, or even a baked potato. Another good option is stewed tomatoes, which can be added to various sauces or used in their original state. The third choice for meatless comfort food is General Tso’s, or chopped cooked vegetables. General tofu is made by steaming vegetables in a soy or flour soup.

There are dozens of other choices for meatless vegetarian comfort food recipes, ranging from rice and stir-fried greens to creamy garlic shrimp and black bean to roasted sweet potatoes and macaroni and cheese. You can make vegetarian versions of all these dishes and even make your ethnic meals from scratch. Feel free to try new things and experiment with different recipes and flavors, and come up with your favorites. Come up with a few you like, and then start creating your list of ideas for meatless dishes you can make for that special night out with friends or a weekend day at home.

Final Words

There is a reason why vegetarians and vegans seem to be the healthiest folks in the world. It’s not because they don’t eat, but because they know better than add animal flesh to their diets. There are some great healthy, satisfying meatless mixtures out there for you to experiment with, and they will surprise you with how easy and tasty they are. Don’t let yourself get left behind, and learn how to cook meatless on Monday so you can still make that wonderful meatless muesli and grilled vegetable wraps for dinner. Start with these quick, easy, and good ideas to get you started on your road to becoming a healthier vegetarian.

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