Vegetarian Diet For Muscle Gain – Some Best Plant-Based Protein Sources

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Over the years, it is believed that meat is the only way to gain muscle or to get protein. But, today, we know that this is not quite the right statement. Most of us follow a trending vegan diet and vegetarian diet in which we can’t consume meat or any animal product. So how can people gain muscle with this diet? Right? There is plenty of vegetarian food that contains protein which helps in gaining muscles; people can have this. Well-planned vegetarian diets that meet energy requirements and contain a variety of plant-based protein foods such as grains, nuts, legumes, soy products, and seeds can provide adequate protein to the athletes without the use of special foods or supplements. Today I’ll share some information about a vegetarian diet for muscle gain.   


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Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae and contains a lot of proteins. It has a very high protein concentration of 70%. That means it can be a substitute for meat and dairy products. If you want to have it, you simply make a smoothie and mix it with the smoothie or any dish and eat this. If you want to gain your muscles, then you have to take this supplement daily.   

Seeds And Kernels   

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Seeds are also a good source of protein. The seeds such as pumpkin, hemp, sesame, chia contain around 20 to 30 grams of protein per 100 g. you may take a handful of seeds and have it, or sprinkle or the yogurt or any other dishes or salads and then consume it. Apart from that, you can make a smoothie with these seeds and drink them in your breakfast daily. Thus, you can gain your muscle effectively.   

Nutritional Yeast   

Nutritional yeast also has protein which can help to gain muscle. You can use it to make a pizza and have this in your snacks. Thus, you would not require any kind of supplement for gaining your muscle.   

Beans And Legumes  

Beans and legumes are mentioned as good protein supplements. Kidney beans, soybeans, split beans, mung beans, chickpeas, and lentils contain 20 to 25 g protein per 100g. Apart from that, beans and legumes contain a lot of fiber which is effective for body muscle. However, try some homemade bean burger bowls of steamed edamame as a snack after doing the workout.   

Porridge Oat  

Oatmeal is the perfect breakfast to consume protein. It contains 13g of proteins per 100g. It is very easy to prepare and delicious to eat. However, make it with the other vegetables and have with the juice. If you want to make a protein booster, then you need to take a spoonful of peanut butter, 7 gm soy milk, a handful of nuts, and some berries. Have this with the oatmeal.   

These are some of the vegetarian diets for muscle gain. All of them are very effective. If you want to gain muscle by following a vegetarian diet, then it is important to follow the diet strictly.

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