Vegetarian Elimination Diet – A Complete Guide To It

vegetarian elimination diet

In recent times, a vegetarian elimination diet has become a must for a healthy lifestyle. A sore stomach has put a damper on anyone’s day, or if it happens regularly, it can negatively impact your entire life. Various people experience distressing stomach issues, including general digestive distress, stomach pain, and bloat. If you can relate, a vegetarian elimination diet can be something to consider before you spend a significant amount on food allergy tests or go through a dreaded colonoscopy. Also, this vegetarian elimination diet could help you get your sexy six-pack back again. In general, a vegetarian elimination diet is a short-term way of eating which removes all intolerances of potential food from your diet for a specific period. These items are then included in your diet one by one to highlight the specific foods an individual can or cannot tolerate. As observed, it is highly restrictive for you should not follow for an extended period. Food intolerance is where your body operates a particular food differently than others, which might cause gastrointestinal discomfort or other symptoms. Food intolerances and allergies are quite different because they involve an immune response that can be very dangerous. 

Know Important Details About Vegetarian Elimination Diet 

Vegetarian Elimination

The vegetarian elimination diet must include one thing in your diet plan to avoid various stomach-related issues and other body functions. Have a look! 

  • How Long Is This Vegetarian Elimination Diet? 

The portion that is most restrictive in this diet is during the first three weeks. During this period, you should try to avoid all of the triggering foods listed below. After these three weeks, you can start to introduce these foods back into your eating routine one by one. You should keep an eye on your reaction to this particular food for the next three days, after which you can add other food to your diet. If you experience pain, bloating, digestion issues after adding this food, you may identify it as an intolerance. You should avoid that food permanently or as much as you can to keep these symptoms at bay. 

  • Can You Exercise On The Vegetarian Elimination Diet? 

This vegetarian elimination diet is not calorically restrictive. It would be best if someone boosts you enough to go for your regular exercise. However, certain foods you eat regularly may be on the elimination list, so paying more attention to your protein intake becomes necessary. The recommended baseline is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of your body weight or 0.36 g protein per pound of your body weight. 


Vegetarian Elimination

This article was a brief yet helpful explanation of the essential details regarding the vegetarian elimination diet that is a must for people facing stomach issues. Make a new addition to your routine and share your views!

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