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vegetarian food in chinese

A symbol used for vegetarian food in China, and often in other South Asia countries, are calling the ‘Green Dot’ or ‘vegetarian symbol.’ Often referred to as ‘the green dot.’

The food symbol has many different meanings and it is difficult to explain them. Some believe that the symbol stands for the idea of good health and nutrition, others that the symbol stands for a spiritual belief in the existence of life. Yet there are some who believe that the food symbol is a representation of vegetarian cooking and eating habits.

In many Chinese culture, there is an abundance of traditional vegetarian food, which includes noodles, soups, meat dishes, fish dishes and also a variety of vegetables. In fact, there are many vegetables that are part of the staple diet of Chinese people.

The most popular vegetable in Chinese culture is the yam. The yam is used as a base ingredient in recipes for rice dishes, stir fried or boiled.

Veg Chinese Food 

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The Yin Yang symbol can also be seen on many vegetarian dishes. The Yin Yang symbol symbolizes the balance between yin and yang energies in Chinese culture.

The word yin actually means white in Mandarin. The word yang means red, so when the two yin symbols are combined together they signify the red color of life.

Red yin or yang is the color of blood, love, passion and life. This color represents true happiness, freedom and love.

So why don’t we use the green symbol for vegetables? Why not eat these vegetables?

According to Chinese vegetarian food writer Dr. Huang Qi, the reason we don’t use the green symbol is because of its association with animal meat. He says that the green symbol is related to vegetarian cooking because of this association. It is the same reason that vegetarian chefs often use red sauces in their dishes.

The Uniqueness

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While the vegetarian food symbol of green may seem to make sense in theory, in practice it is just not so. The green symbol was developed by vegetarian Chinese people and their use of the symbol has nothing to do with Chinese vegetarians’ desire to create a vegetarian world. This symbol was developed for the symbolization of good health and nutrition.

Vegetarian dishes can still be delicious and healthy. Vegetarian dishes use many of the same foods that the Chinese have used for centuries to create dishes that are still very tasty today.

The real difference between Chinese vegetarian cooking and Western vegetarian cooking is in the preparation. Western diets often make the distinction too much.

Awesome Taste

For instance, Western vegetarian cooking often makes the mistake of putting too much rice, sugar or spices into the food, and so the flavor is lost. In contrast, Chinese people often avoid this mistake by using only fresh vegetables and natural products like tofu or rice milk.

Westerners usually don’t bother to soak and cook the vegetables, which is one of the things that gives Western vegetarian cooking a flavor that is bland and boring. Chinese people understand the importance of flavor and how to retain it.

When making a meal out of vegetarian dishes, the Chinese take the time to stir fry the vegetables before cooking, making the dish taste better and more flavorful. It is important to remember that vegetables contain essential nutrients that are crucial to health.

Western diets, by and large, tend to cut back on these vegetables in order to save money, but this is not necessary when you are making vegetarian foods at home. Many Asian dishes that are vegetarian will make the vegetarians in your family very happy. Not only does this mean that they will get healthy and great tasting food, they will enjoy having a whole meal without having to worry about buying a meal from a fast food restaurant.

Final Tip

A lot of the time, the differences between Western and Chinese cooking can be found in the ingredients used. Both have traditional dishes, but Chinese recipes use less salt and pepper and they often don’t use as much soy sauce and other artificial seasonings.

Some dishes that are vegetarian in Chinese cooking have become very popular around the world. Vegetarian food in Chinese dishes is just as healthy as any other vegetarian dishes, it’s just that many people have been misled about the source.

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