Vegetarian Taco Recipes That Make Tacos Better Than All Meatball Fests

vegetarian taco

Vegetarian tacos are simply one of the tastiest ways to consume vegetables! So many recipes have been created for vegetarian tacos that you will be spoiled for choice! Whether you want to eat more plants or eat just plant based on occasion, vegetarian and vegan tacos are definitely one of the tastiest ways to go! So what are some of your favorite vegetarian taco options? Check them out below!

One of my favorite vegetarian taco recipes is the quinoa taco. This is a simple recipe for a quick and healthy dinner. I love using quinoa for this meal as the superfoods in this recipe have been shown to provide a lot of nutritional value for those who eat them on a regular basis.

An Overview

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Another popular option for these tacos is the cilantro flavored black bean salsa. Black beans are a great choice for flavor, but can also help to bring out the true flavor of vegetarian tacos. This salsa has been featured in many different restaurants, and can be prepared in many ways depending on the original recipe. I like to use it as an ingredient in my guacamole (made with tortilla) and on top of mashed potatoes.

Another option for this type of taco is the traditional cashew cream cheese. This cheese is often made with cream cheese, which makes it even easier to spread onto the tacos. However, there are other options for creamy cashew cream cheese if you are not a fan of dairy. You can also try using soy milk instead of traditional milk to create your very own dairy free cheese.

Vegetarian Taco Recipes

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If you are having a party, a good idea is to take fresh cilantro and red bell pepper slices to you. Bring them to your dinner table and let your guests start dreaming about what they would have for dinner. Since these are excellent to start the night off with, it’s likely that they will want some of these in their tacos later on as well. One of my friends actually got stuffed after her first dinner with these. There are literally dozens of options for what to put in these tacos that will work well for just about any kind of a party. So, get out there and create some delicious tacos!

Just because roasted sweet potatoes aren’t traditional with a Mexican dinner doesn’t mean they aren’t fantastic with a South American plate of veggies. If you want a healthier alternative to the typical tortilla, black bean, or spinach topped tacos, try a baked potato. A baked potato is healthy because it contains much less fat and more fiber than a regular potato. In fact, it has twice the amount of fiber per serving. This makes it a delicious alternative to the traditional bean or corn taco. You can also keep it nice and warm if you choose to add the bean sprout into the baked potato, which will give it a little bit of extra color and make it slightly crispy as well.

If you’re looking for something to go with the black bean and spinach omelet that you’ve been dreaming about, try using an avocado and black bean salsa for the filling. Avocado and black bean salsa is made by blending two fresh avocados and one dried, chopped black bean. You can reduce the avocado and bean salsa’s fat content by adding chopped tomatoes, olives, cilantro, and green onions. You can serve this salsa with tortilla chips, pita bread, or dished up into bite-size portions with chips.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to bring some flavors to your next tailgating or football game, try creating some vegetarian tacos. The secret is in the tortilla – create one that’s made of wheat flour, black beans, vegetables, and lime juice. Add some cheese, sour cream, salsa, and guacamole to the mix for some delicious fare that will have your guests excited and ready to party all night long. Don’t forget to serve the dip with your tacos for a healthier, lighter take on the classic dip.

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