Vegetarian Toddler: Raising One


Raising a child as a vegetarian is a fascinating thought. The only thing is that this will also leave parents worried about the proper nutrition for the tot. Raising a vegetarian toddler might need extra effort and patience for you. Don’t think vegetarian children won’t get all the nutrients their bodies needed. As a matter of fact, with some effort, your child could grow into a certain kind of lifestyle, which is at a lower risk of heart diseases, obesity, and other health issues.

Raising A Vegetarian Toddler
Vegetarian Toddler: Raising One

Start Preparing Menu

In order to raise a vegetarian toddler right, you need to start preparing menus that could provide all the right protein and iron in order to meet the needs of calories. Well, this can be somehow tricky, most especially that kids are fussy eaters! They might actually give you a hard time to finish a full plate of veggies and beans. For most adults, tofu and soybeans serve a delicious substitute for protein. You could even introduce these to your kid once they reach 4 years old. You can also try making snacks by using tofu and soybean and serve them with a glass of fortified soymilk. This will give your child a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins A and D, calcium, and protein.

Beans and Green Leaves

The most common foods in vegan diets are rich in iron. Beans and green leaves are absolutely rich in iron, especially kidney, green and other types of beans. When it comes to green leaves, spinach is your best source of iron. In terms of vitamin C, you can help your vegetarian toddler by making dishes such as a combination of spinach, tomato, orange, capsicum, broccoli, and beans. This is an absolute boost of nutrition.

Don’t Forget To Consult Your Pediatrician!

If you want a well-rounded menu for your vegetarian toddler, yet you’re still quite unsure of what to serve, you can always consult your dietitian and pediatrician. They might suggest you use some supplements like vitamin B-12 and such. It can be a handful task to raise a vegetarian toddler, but the results that your hard work will bring is going to be priceless.

Vegetarian Toddler: Raising One

You can always try other ways to keep your baby interest in the food he or she eats as well. You can include mealtime accessories, and even introduce fun games to be played with your baby. Making use of bite-size fruits and veggies as snacks are colorful and can be inviting for them. As a parent, you want to keep the health of your baby at it’s optimum. You want to keep them away from any health issues. So, introducing them to becoming a vegetarian toddler would work. It’s always nice to start this when they are young and move forward as they grow old. So, be the best parent you can be, teach your child to become healthy at a young age.