Rose Tea: Its Benefits And Uses

What Is Rose Tea, Its Benefits And Uses

Rose is a sign of love. Whenever a boy proposes a girl, he gives a rose to express his love. We use it for decoration and worshiping god. But what if I say we can use it for medical purposes. Rose tea is an aromatic beverage made from the fragrant petals and buds of rose flowers and claimed to has numerous health benefits. So let’s check out this article to know what are the benefits and preparation of rose tea.

Rose Tea: Caffeine – Free

People are addicted to many of the soft drinks and beverages. Most of the hot drinks, including coffee, tea, even hot chocolates, contain caffeine. Caffeine has adverse effects like increased blood pressure and anxieties along with specific positive effects like increased alertness and energy level and reduced fatigue. Rose tea can be a perfect replacement for any caffeinated beverages.

What Is Rose Tea, Its Benefits And Uses
What Is Rose Tea, Its Benefits And Uses

Hydration And Weight Loss Benefits

Not drinking an adequate amount of water is a common problem for youngsters. And less water content can cause dehydration, which can cause fatigue, headaches, skin problems, muscle cramps, low blood pressure, and rapid heart rate.  So, it is essential to take enough water in terms of direct consumption of plain water, tea as well as water enriched foods. As it consists of water majorly, it can contribute significantly to your daily water intake.

Another common problem nowadays is obesity. So, sufficient water consumption can reduce weight by boosting your metabolism. According to a report, drinking 500ml of water can increase metabolism by 30 %. Adequate intake of water may help prevent kidney stones.

Rose Tea: Rich In Antioxidants

Antioxidants can help combat the effects of free radicals that cause premature aging. Primary sources of antioxidants are polyphenols, which can reduce the risk of cancer, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, and degenerative brain diseases. It is found that the phenol content and antioxidant activity of rose tea is greater than or equal to green tea. It is rich in gallic acid (10-55% of total phenol content) and anthocyanins (10% of entire phenol content). Gallic acid has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and analgesic effects, whereas anthocyanins help in the right urinary tract, eye health, improve healthy memory aging and lower the risks of cancers.

Alleviate Menstrual Pain

Approximately 50 % of females face menstrual pain, which includes vomiting, headache, fatigue, back pain, dizziness, and diarrhea, etc. According to one of the surveys held in china, women who drink this tend to feel less pain and better psychological condition compared to those who don’t drink rose tea. So, it may be a suitable way to treat menstrual pain.

What Is Rose Tea, Its Benefits And Uses
What Is Rose Tea, Its Benefits And Uses

Other Benefits Of Rose Tea

Apart from the benefits discussed above, it can help to reduce stress, treat dementia and seizures, treatment of liver diseases, laxative effects, and anti-arthritic properties.

How To Make It

Preparation is quite simple. It can be prepared by steeping fresh or dried petals in hot water. In case you use fresh petals, make sure it should be free of pesticides. You can also have it adding a little honey.

The Bottom Line

This tea is made from petals and buds of rose. It is naturally caffeine-free, a good source of hydration, rich in antioxidants, and may help in relieving menstrual pain. So, what are you waiting for? Replace your caffeinated beverage with rose tea today.

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