What Is Veganism And What Do Vegans Eat


Donald Watson coined the term Veganism in the year 1944. Veganism is not only accepting a particular vegan diet throughout life but is a way of living where people tend to stay away from all forms of items (like food and clothing) that are obtained by the exploitation of animals. There are numerous ways to accept Veganism or to have a vegan living, but the uniting factor is the consumption of plant-based food.

What Is Veganism And What Do Vegans Eat - Know More Here
What Is Veganism And What Do Vegans Eat – Know More Here

Why Veganism

When we are not vegan, we eat meat obtained by the exploitation of animals. Animals do have their interests, and in Veganism, people respect it. The animals should be considered as a living being and not as a resource to cater to our needs. People, therefore, usually resort to being a vegetarian. But the important thing is that vegetarian and vegan are entirely different. Vegetarians do eat dairy and eggs, whereas vegans don’t.

Going vegan can also aid in living a healthy life. Following a suitable vegan-diet that contains all nutrients can promote internal peace and can also reduce blood pressure and blood sugar levels. When you go vegan, you start to explore the art of cooking and come up with suitable variants. Also, going vegan can help the environment as well. By not consuming meat and animal products, you can reduce the number of carbon footprints generated.

What Do Vegans Eat

Vegan food might sound boring and unexciting to non-vegans. But this is not the case. A well-planned vegan diet contains vegetables, fruits, grains, pulses, nuts, and seeds. You will wonder when you find out the fact that all the food items that non-vegans can make using plant-based ingredients alone. You can make everything from delicious pizza to the yummy, creamy cake- all using plant substitutes. They can still be as tasty as their non-vegan counterparts and will be much healthier. You would be wondering how they substitute dairy products using plant-based ingredients. Vegans use almond milk or cashew milk instead of regular dairy milk. You can substitute dairy cheese with cashew-milk cheese. Instead of meat, soy-bean processed meat substitutes like Tofu and Tempeh are used.

Vegans usually prefer to eat food in its raw form. Thus, the nutrients are not lost and can be directly absorbed into the body. A vegan diet can result in a deficiency if not planned with a dietician. As the diet lacks calcium, you should make sure to include more soy milk than almond milk. Soy milk contains more calcium content than the latter. Supplements become the need of the hour if you do not get proper nutrition from the diet. Another critical point is vegan diets are something you can customize. That means the food suitable for you might not suit your father or grandfather.

What Is Veganism And What Do Vegans Eat - Know More Here
What Is Veganism And What Do Vegans Eat – Know More Here


The vegan way of living considers all living beings as equal. Veganism gives scope to live a better life and, in fact, voices the opinions that animals have. People who follow Veganism are strictly against the chemical tests people perform on animals. Thus, Veganism is something you can consider as a greener way of living.